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Video from Telangana Passed Off as Police Brutality in Andhra Pradesh – Fake News Busted

A video posted by user @Pradeep54242413 (claiming to be an army veteran) on Twitter alleging that police have beaten up some activists in Andhra Pradesh, is fake.

Our fact check team found that the video was originally tweeted by Telangana BJP leader Raja Singh on 12th January 2021. Further research showed that BJP activists stormed the office of Commissioner of the Police, in protest of the removal of some banners and posters. Later, police took strict action to remove the BJP workers from the Police Commissioner’s office. This video was circulated heavily by Telangana BJP and now the same video has been doctored with and re-shared on Twitter, claiming the video to be from Andhra Pradesh.

You can find more information on this incident here:

Original video link: