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TTD condemns false allegations on Officials and misleading video of actress/politician Archana Gautam

Uttar Pradesh based Sri Shivakant Tiwari along with Actress/politician Ms Archana Goutham and seven others brought a recommendation letter from a Union Minister for Darshan on 30-8-2022.

They registered in the Additional EO Office at Tirumala for Darshan. Later they were allotted Rs.300 tickets on this Referral letter and an SMS in this regard was delivered to the mobile number of Sri Tiwari on given mobile number.

But they did not avail the darshan service. Sri Tiwari went to the office on the next day(August 31) seeking tickets for darshan. The on-duty staff informed him that as they did not avail Darshan on time, on August 30, their tickets expired. In the meantime, Ms Archana Goutham rushed into the office and began shouting at the staff uttering unparliamentary words against them. Sri Tiwari was also seen as a mute spectator watching the entire high drama created by his team member. Though the TTD staff tried to explain the ticketing rules and pacify her, she turned deaf and even manhandled one of the on-duty office staff members. At last, the Office staff allotted them Rs.300 tickets for the second time and advised them to go for Darshan.

But instead of going for Darshan, the actress went to the II Town Police and lodged a false complaint against one of the on-duty staff alleging that he manhandled and abused her. Following her complaint, the CI called up the TTD staff and, in his inquiry, it was clearly seen in the video taken by the staff that how the woman behaved in an arrogant manner using filthy words against the staff. She was also seen pushing and hitting an on-duty staff member. On seeing the video proof, she left the Police Station.

When the lady insisted on Break Darshan, the office staff advised her to take SRIVANI Trust tickets and go for VIP break darshan on September 1 for which she needs to pay Rs.10,500 (Rs.10,000 to SRIVANI Trust and Rs.500 for the VIP Break ticket). But the lady in the video released by her on social media alleged that the Additional EO Office staff have demanded Rs.10,000 for the ticket which is absolutely false.

As she is a social media celebrity cum actress cum politician, the video went viral instantly. The video was posted long after the incident happened with malicious intent. TTD appeals to the devotees not to believe in such baseless and ruthless allegations.