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The Real Story Behind the Idol Desecration in Kondalaveedu, YSR Kadapa

Bojjana Subbareddy, a Telugu Desam Party sympathizer from Badvel rural allegedly garlanded an idol of Lord Anjaneya Swamy with slippers in Kondalaveedu village. This incident took place on the 5th of December 2020, and was projected as a symbol of assault to injure the religious feelings of Hindus of the state. But, the perpetrator had a different motive altogether.

During the investigation, it was revealed that earlier last year, Subbareddy’s uncle Bojjana Nagireddy Nagaiah sold his land to the Government of Andhra Pradesh for distribution of house site pattas to the poor. Anticipating the acquisition of his land, Bojjana Subbareddy conspired a plan and garlanded the statue of Lord Anjaneya Swamy, erected by him, with footwear. He was eventually arrested by the local police. Further investigation on a probable political conspiracy is in process.