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No! AP Skill Development is not providing any training in butchery.

A piece of an article has been in circulation through online platforms by mischievous accounts, claiming AP Skill Development is about to start training people in butchery and provide professional training to interested candidates. The image further says the candidates will be provided with Rs.8000 as a monthly stipend.

Cleverly, the article screenshot has been cropped and shared through these handles initially.
and a few more…

Interestingly, after generating enough engagement, Miskifans page has removed the post, when Twitter users started pointing out their mistake. The image is so misleading, that anyone, who doesn’t read Telugu or doesn’t know where to find the source article, will definitely fall prey to the propaganda.

Our FactCheck team has found the source article and you can see how cleverly the message has been cropped, so, mischievous handles can defame a noble program like AP Skill Development.


You can refer to the link above to find the original article.
As you can see, the screenshot in question has only one part of the article and also cropped out the person’s name, who gave that quote, In Telugu “Vijay Chaudhary Tripuraneni, Founder, Proteins Hygienic Non-Veg Mart” in Hyderabad.

The initiative to train butchers has been taken up by a private company in Hyderabad, but the handles above have intentionally named AP Skill Development. Many of the above handles will not even take down their posts with such misleading fake information, as they have malicious intentions.

It is advised that netizens stay alert before sharing any such news without proper verification. The above handles have been shared with AP Skill Development authorities to take action, as they deem fit.