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Misleading: Old image from internet humor used, to defame the Govt. of AP

An old image from the internet, being used for memes or to crack a joke on social media is very normal. But when a photo is being used with malicious intent and branded as Anti-Government, it is an offense. On August 7th, 2021, the concerned post was made and few subsequent posts have been monitored on other social media sites as well, using the same photo.

The concerned image which was shared by a dedicated defamatory page, internet users, started commenting about the origin of the image. The image in question here, is an image of a hand pump, standing alone in the face of a man-made trench. While the origin of the photo is unknown, a simple google reverse image search would give out details on the usage of this photo and how it has been used since 2018, for numerous jokes.

The image raises a question on the greed of humans and bad planning in a mining/construction area. But the caption given in the post by the defamatory page is in bad taste and has no relevance to Andhra Pradesh. The concerned page has been identified as a source of misleading information and reported to the officials for misinformation. Required action will be initiated in due time.