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Misleading! Land Dispute being labeled as Political attack on Social Media platforms. Busted!

A violent video has been circulated on Twitter by a user named Varun, framing the video as a political attack, whereas the incident is an outcome of a land dispute and personal enmity.

In our investigation, we found that The involved parties Shaik Saida and Thalakola Siva Reddy have been part of a personal land dispute and have been actively involved in provocating each other. The incident that was reported on Twitter, was the second violent incident that took place, in the matter that was reported to Police.

1st incident Happened on 18th October 2021
Thalakola Siva Reddy was attacked by Shaik Saida and some people in the farmland on a personal quarrel. He raised a written complaint at the local Piduguralla Police station.

2nd Incident took place on 21st November 2021
Shaik Shaida was attacked by Thalakola Siva Reddy and some people, because of a personal quarrel. A case was registered and is currently under investigation

The Twitter user @VK84015570 has painted the video as an output of a political fight. The video was suddenly taken out of context and many media houses and journalists were tagged with a malicious intent to push the malicious narrative. We obtained copies of both the FIRs and it is quite clear that the incident was an output of a personal matter and everything is under investigation. There is no political linkage to the same.

We have forwarded the information of the tweets to the Police Department and we urge netizens to stay away from such malicious narratives.