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Misleading! Information on Sri Neelamani Durga Ammavari Temple, Pathapatnam, Busted!

A recent re-construction activity at Sri Neelamani Durga Ammavari Temple, Pathapatnam, has been shown in poor light on social media. The Messages attached to the videos are completely misleading and malicious in nature.

Due to a proposed railway-flyover construction, a part of the compound wall and the arch at the front side of the temple had to be removed. For which, The temple has been given notice in the year 2020. Along with the notice, The Temple was also paid an amount of Rs.1,40,57,404/- given as compensation, dated 20/10/2020. After one year, the required site has been removed and the concerned authorities have taken permission from the temple authorities for the same.

On Friday, 22nd October the Special Grade Deputy Collector, Vamsadhara unit – 2, local Tehsildar, Assistant Commissioner of Endowments have marked the land without causing much loss to the temple. Sunday, 24th October morning at 12.00 O’clock the local Tehsildar, Special grade Deputy Collector, R&B DEE has removed the marked constructions in front of the temple using a JCB. The authorities have assured the public, that the removed parts will be built again with the help of the fly-over contractor.

Meanwhile, some videos from the same construction site have been circulated on social media with messages aimed at religious unrest. Please find the below press release for more clarification.