Conspiracy Viral Posts

Fake Information on TTD peddled on Twitter! Busted.

A Twitter user named Rahul Anand (@Rahul_saffron) was caught peddling fake news on Twitter, about the TTD’s gold being used by the state of Andhra Pradesh. The entire tweet has no base and no logical ends.

TTD Executive Officer Shri Jawahar Reddy strongly refutes the information in the tweet and emphasizes the concerning information to be fake.

TTD officials have refuted the allegations and decided to pursue the fake tweet through legal means. “It has become a habit for such trolls, who call themselves content creators to post anything on Twitter or Facebook regarding the Holy shrine and get away with it. TTD will not tolerate this anymore and pursue the case legally.”

The same user, who posted the tweet, recognizes himself as a follower of a certain political ideology. But does the ideology, give him the freedom to post anything that might hurt the sentiments of an entire community and cause harm to the reputation of a holy Hindu shrine?