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A fact-check on the false propaganda on the Andhra Pradesh Public Distribution System

In recent times, there have been a number of false allegations and stories covered in certain sections of media and social media over the AP Public Distribution System and the supply of rice through Ration cards. A comprehensive report is given below: based on facts and evidence that debunks the false narratives and gives a clear picture of the current AP Public Distribution System.

Q. How many ration cards before and after 2019?
: Around 1.39 crore ration cards were operational till 2019. Currently, around 1.45 crore ration cards are operational.

Q. How much rice is supplied after Hon’ble CM YS Jagan assumed power in 2019? How much improvement in quality during this phase?

Q. Expenditure on Rice by Previous Government during 2014-19 period? How much did Govt. spent for three years?

Q. What is the benefit of the Doorstep Ration Delivery System in Andhra Pradesh and GoAP’s  Expenditure on this project?
The Government spends about Rs 25 crore every month on the Doorstep Ration Delivery System in Andhra Pradesh. The new policy is changing the lives of beneficiaries at the ground level. The main differences between the New Policy and the Old Policy are discussed below:

Q. How much care is taken towards maintaining the quality, packaging and all other associated aspects of Sortex quality rice? How much does it cost?
A quality sortex rice is being given to the cardholders, with close to zero percent of stones and less than one percent of dyed or damaged grains. Using the GPS fitted Mobile dispensing Units/Vehicles-MDUs, stocks will be supplied to Ration Shops. For Sortex, Govt is spending Re 1 per Kg, which amounts to Rs. 20 Cr. per month and the Govt is also spending Rs 25 Cr. towards the operational cost of MDU for Doorstep delivery of rations goods.

During the previous regime, wheat, redgram, sugarcane, Ragi, salt were said to have been distributed widely. Let us look into the Quantity, Expenditure, and benefits accrued to people year-wise!

From the above data, we learn the following things:

  • Of the approximately 1.38 crore cards, only a very few, or less than 1% of the cardholders were distributed with wheat, soybeans, millets, sorghum, and salt. The rest of the cardholders did not receive it.
  • Due to the procurement of Ragi and sorghum from the open market for supply to cardholders, the previous Government could not get the subsidy money from the central government.
  • The previous Government could not avail subsidies from the Central Government. This entire burden had to be borne by the State Government.
  • Only during the last year of the five-year rule, the previous government was able to distribute most of the ration. The cardholders didn’t get much in the first 4 years of the rule.

The current government is providing quality edible sortex rice through Doorstep Ration Delivery System in Andhra Pradesh using Mobile Dispensing Units (MDUs). GoAP decided to supply Good Quality Fortified rice from April 2022 in six districts.

Details of Sugar, Toor Dal, and other items being supplied in the current Distribution policy now to cardholders: