Conspiracy Decode

Explained! The Red Notice Vs. The Truth

Recently, a red notice has been doing rounds on social media, claiming APMSIDC (Andhra Pradesh Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation) did not pay some of the vendors of an informal group of medical equipment manufacturers. This red notice has been portrayed as, an indicator that the Government Exchequer is not clearing the bills for 4-5 years, and this has triggered a certain section of social media to further press on their political and malicious intent.

Here is the detailed list on the exact amount spent on medical devices and how much is due from the APMSIDC side.

It’s noteworthy that in the last two years, The Government has procured around 2000 crores of equipment and has paid in time. Only Rs.328 Crores payment is due from last two months. Regarding the procurements and payments done in past years, it will be further investigated and action shall be taken.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh believes in transparent business and has always worked towards achieving EODB practices. In the trying times of a pandemic, the Government worked tirelessly to provide all the necessary equipment and medicines. The health infrastructure (Physical and Digital) both have been upgraded since 2019. The Red notice published by the informal group of Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) has certainly malicious intent behind it.

The Notice is under investigation and the Government will take action against the involved persons/ associations/ groups in case of any malicious intent is found behind this propaganda. The Managing Director of APMSIDC, Sri Muralidhar Reddy has released the statement through Media.

Here is the official reply from the desk of the Managing Director, APMSIDC.

The Forum Coordinator of AiMED is requested to take cognizance of this attached letter and act accordingly, to avoid legal action.