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AP Police Bust False Communal Claims of BJP Cadre on Twitter

On 2nd March 2021, a series of tweets were published simultaneously by BJP leaders and sympathizers with the hashtag #Encroachment4ChristInAP, alleging that a huge cross was being erected on a hillock in Edlapadu, Guntur, where carvings of Hindu deities already exist. National Secretary of BJP and co-incharge of Andhra Pradesh, Sunil Deodhar took to Twitter claiming that the cross was being constructed where once footprints of Sita Maa and carving of Lord Narasimha existed. He also added that “Christian mafias” were creating havoc in the Guntur district, despite protests by RSS & the BJP cadre.

The official handle of Guntur Rural district police promptly responded to his tweet, explaining the topography of the location through a video shot by the SHO. Sub-Inspector of Edlapadu clarified that the hillock on which the cross was being erected is half a kilometer away from the hillock on which the idol of Narasimha Swamy is present. He also mentioned that no official complaint was lodged either with the police or the Revenue Department regarding the concern raised by the BJP member on social media.

The official Twitter handle of the Collector & District Magistrate of Guntur District also responded to this issue busting the false claims. The tweet said that further investigation was underway, and status quo will be maintained till then.

Below is a video explaining the topography of the location in detail.

Source: Guntur Police